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The feeling of attaining completeness is truly bliss. I am a firm believer in not only the destination, but in the journey as well. When looking at a picture, I search with a meticulous eye that has strained for hours over every detail. I search for the perfect cut and transition in a movie, the

perfect scene. Every beat and every measure in a song has a purpose.
How? This is the question asked by all scientists. Why? This is the
question asked by a toddler. These are two questions we need to
ask when retracing the steps from the destination back to the beginning. These are the questions that mark the birth of the artist’s journey.


How? The technical term of what is done in order for something to be
achieved. That color grade? Here are the steps you need to do that. Open up the color curves and add that adjustment layer. That style of film? Here are the settings you need to use on the camera.  How something is technically achieved is vastly important, which leads us to our next question. Why?


Why? The most frequently used word by anyone five years old and younger. It is the word that questions our motivation. My motivation. The artist’s motivation. What makes this guy tick? Why does he do what he does?


This is precisely the point I want to make about art in its various forms, so that you, too, can experience the journey of the artist. Being a photographer and videographer, experience is what makes the journey worthwhile. In the grand scheme of things, a picture is like a word on a page. A movie is a paragraph. Art never stops, which is why I don’t either. The book can never be filled with enough words. The only thing we can do is to keep writing.

Of course, this bring me to my motivation--how can I impact other people’s lives? I want to create something pleasing and purposeful, something that will bring joy to the journey and give meaning to the destination. More than art itself, I value the ability to change someone’s life through the universal language of art. Art is but dust without the force of inspiration. I create to inspire. Because those who are inspired,




God Bless,


Jeremy Lee




P.S: All pictures on the website are taken by me.



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